Corporate Governance

Chairman’s Office and Core Management Team

Our operations and management functions are performed by Core Management Team (CMT) and are governed based on direction of Chairman’s office in alliance with Strategic Goal and Long Term Pathways.

  1. CMT comprises of Managing Director and Functions Head overlooking operations and overall management of ADITYAM
  2. CMT is responsible for Long Term Planning and Forecasting of Business with bench marks and milestones
  3. CMT is responsible for evaluating and defining the compensation to be given to executive officers
  4. Periodic assessments of risks or challenges being faced by CMT is discussed and revised to meet Long Term Goal in sync with Chairman’s Office
  5. CMT oversees compliance with legal and other norms and responsibilities


The Core Management Team is elected by the Chairman and Managing Director. The member of CMT might be from ADITYAM or a suitable candidate who is promoted by current CMT to become part of the Team.

Formal Evaluations

Following selection and appointment, the CMT Team Member is evaluated at an annual basis. The evaluation could address parameters that the CMT considers appropriate including the business’s performance in that year, the fulfillment of set objectives and so on.

Core Management Team Operations

The major discussion items for the entire annual year will be defined at the start of the year by the Core Management Team in accordance with directions of Chairman’s Office. Each member will have a say in the agenda but decision of MD and Chairman will prevail and supersede. All materials pertaining to the board meetings will be distributed beforehand. Under certain circumstances wherein the information may be security sensitive, it can be discussed in the meeting directly.