SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) is an SAP Product support to meet organization full array of bottom-up and top-down financial and operational planning requirements, as well as complete consolidation and reporting through a single application and user interface to empower every user Business level-to easily gain understand financial flow to, interact with, and leverage financial and operational data for timely and effective decision-making.

The SAP BPC works smoothest, most timely financial close possible – all through a single application, which provides easy of User interface showing a speed of operation and flexibility.SAP BPC belongs to Enterprise Performance Management Tool stream and is used for Higher Management Reporting with advanced integration of Transaction Data to Reporting for Management. This application, in both its Microsoft and NetWeaver versions, provides the business users the ability to manage their own planning, financial consolidation and reporting cycles, aligning the process with known standards and reducing the overall time, cost, and risk.

Features of SAP BPC

  • Make better decisions based on what-if analysis and scenario planning
  • Increase collaboration for improved accountability and planning accuracy
  • Reduce cycle time, close the books faster, and align plans with strategic goals
  • Deploy in the cloud for faster time to value
  • Minimize risk by meeting statutory and management reporting requirements
  • Read, Write and View of SAP Data

Generally in SAP Environment Input of data is provided by entry posting only, as SAP ERP is Transaction Processing System. But SAP BPC allows methodical data entry on top of data entered by normal SAP ERP practice

  • Multi Dimensional Analytics

SAP BPC provide multi dimensional analysis as a basic future, in this number of dimension can be added to particular analytical report.

  • Object Level Security

In SAP BPC, object level security can be provided, which will help to access the same report by multiple users with secured access controls.

  • One Data Base, Decision Support System

BPC NW version is on top of the SAP BI/BW, meaning all the data and application is residing on SAP BI/BW, so no extra data base needs to be created for the same.  BPC represents Transactional data in meaningful information form with complex calculations so management can take inform decisions.

  • Excel, Word and Power Point Interface

SAP BPC comes with inbuilt compatibility with Word, Excel and Power Point. Reports prepared can be access in any of interfaces with all the basic function of MS Office.