Our deep industry experience in system and consulting can help the companies to meet stringent cost containment mandates as the client add new business capabilities that deliver against performance objectives.

To ensure continuous product innovation and closer consumer relationships, we help consumer product companies to keep costs in check with help of reporting streamlining and bridging functional gaps in analysis.

Food and Beverages is one of the oldest industries in the world – an industry that touches every human being on earth. Today, companies in the food and beverage industry are facing unprecedented challenges. Some of these are traditional with low growth rates, marginal profits and consumers showing very little brand loyalty, while others are more complex like retailer mandates, government regulations and greater sophistication in the lifestyles of consumers.  The ongoing economic reset is challenging durables companies to find fresh approaches to revitalize product lines; accurately forecast demand; improve supply chain efficiencies; and manage inventory to meet ever-changing consumer tastes.

Challenges faced by the industry for reporting systems and analysis

  • SKU Level detail on cost incurred to bring the product to final stage and process costs involved in it to derive Cost of goods value
  • Lack of information on Product Mix and Impact analysis denting profit
  • Leg time and Lead time analysis on raw material logistics and process time synchronisation to plan production better.
  • Regional and Geographical information in consumption of product and margin generated as per geographic location
  • System availability for Variance Analysis and Control

Related services where ADITYAM is sharing core consulting knowledge to help a client.

  • Discrete Costing Reporting – With made to order production of most of the products in industry, discrete costing reporting helps management to take decision on material mix and utilization of existing idle capacity to derive at bidding price for bulk orders.
  • Standard Costing Analysis – Management decision with detailed analysis of benchmark products and price leaders to set perfect example to meet and operate in defined cost drivers to minimise cost and maximise quality.
  • Marginal Costing Analysis and Pricing Simulations – With data and trend of all the material included in BOM of the target product, we help management to take timely decision bidding of the product to utilise expertise and core competency to generate additional profit for the organization.