Management Team of any organization is bound to provide much needed reports to top management for quick decision making, while the same team is in need of multiple reports from multiple users which ultimately results in multiple huge excel file with many calculations and mass of data. The same file contains too much data and many times take too much time to even open, Management TeamĀ  looses its cool on just verifying data provided by lower level data contributors and are unable to analyse report further due to lack of time. While with help of SAP BPC implementation we have came up with One Data Base, Many Reports with connectivity to all levels with proper access controls through Report Access Profiles. The same have merged all reports at one place and automated to fetch current data for daily updated reports which gives ample of time to management team to analyse reports rather than wasting their time in data checking and formula checking. This improves management reliance on reports provided, and ease of access for all reports.

  • Direct Cash Flow Reports
  • Indirect Cash Flow Reports
  • Performance Report
  • Cost Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis