Strategic Performance Management begins with an enterprise wide financial planning, budgeting and forecasting reporting system to be in place with controlled access and timely availability of plan to take informed decisions. There is a need to review and analyze budgets or plans at any level of detail in your organization and to determine variances. Plans and budgets can become outdated quickly, there is a need to revise your plans and forecasts frequently to reflect changing market conditions. Management need to make better decisions and take corrective action based on accurate information in order to meet your company goals.

MS Excel is the basic analytical tool with which all such reporting needs are catered to formulate and monitor budgets and financial forecasting. For larger companies this can result in hundreds of sheets that are very difficult to maintain and manage. Budgeting and Planning software offers an integrated platform to quickly forecast financial performance and to enable what-if analysis. It generally involves having all the data of the company in one place. Data may come from source files belonging to disparate systems and manual data inputs from many users. This process is complex for a business to do on its own.