We provide and implement solutions for Big data concepts in healthcare organizations for predictive analytics to provide the outcome of medical interventions. Bu implementing big data in Biotech we help healthcare facilities provide smarter care strategies while minimizing wasteful and inefficient processes. We create an effective information structure to pass through the organization maximizing the patient outcomes and services.

Pharma process reporting and cost minimization – We help to create a information process flow to effectively capture all relevant costs for any research process and report the correct components in the relevant cost. Big data analytics help to improve control the cost and maximize the research focused activities.

Components Costing and Material Costing Reporting – We help to automate the whole process of material incoming with its cost and composition to get to the pharmaceutical components being delivered to manage its relevant cost and effective output.

Challenges faced by the industry for reporting systems and analysis

> Process costing is open ended and loosely reported

> Research and Development expenses are defined with broader criteria

> Material and component costs are reported with time latency

> Item wise cost structure is not clearly defined in made to order units

Related services where ADITYAM is sharing core consulting knowledge to help a client.

> Help clients with blended knowledge of technology and core pharmaceutical expertise

> Implement industry standard reporting process in cost and reporting management

> Align the reporting process closely to the objective of research and development of the product.